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Although I try to post at least once a week, many of the blog’s readers may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, but have been unable to devote any time to it recently due especially to a series of recent events in my life surrounding my wife’s diagnosis with ovarian cancer.

She went to the hospital at the end of April with abdominal pain, which turned out to be diverticulitis, but when they ran the CT scan they also discovered a large ovarian cyst that had a mass in it. We praise the Lord that in His providence the diverticulitis led to an early discovery of the cancer and that the prognosis for my wife’s recovery is very good. She has undergone major surgery and is currently going through at least three courses of chemotherapy. She is currently maintaining a CaringBridge website where she is keeping everyone informed of her status.

I usually do not like to post personal things on the blog, because it is my desire that this blog not be about me. However, I thought the readers may want to know why the activity here has slowed down some, and I definitely desire your prayers for my wife’s recovery and for my family as we go through this trial. It is our desire that Christ be magnified in our lives and that God be glorified.

I intend to begin posting regularly again, perhaps even by the end of this week. And for those who have been following it, I will continue the series responding to the House-Church Movement.

I am thankful that this blog has been helpful to so many and pray that God will continue to use it for His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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  1. Thanks, Johnny. I will keep you an others posted in this comments section. I have also edited the post to include a link to my wife’s CaringBridge page, where she keeps everyone up to speed on her status.

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