Often it is a struggle to keep up with the Hebrew and Greek vocabulary learned while in Bible college or seminary, but VocabWorks is a free flashcard program that really helps. It includes vocab sets for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic and Koine Greek. It also includes sets for Meroitic, Ugaritic, and Middle Egyptian, for the really hard core ancient language types.

The Hebrew downloads section includes a vocab set for Jan Verbruggen’s Workbook for Biblical Hebrew. And the Greek downloads section include vocab sets for John H. Dobson’s Learn New Testament Greek, William Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, and J.W. Wenham’s The Elements of New Testament Greek.

The program is also helpful for professors who want an easy way to develop vocabulary tests for their students.

Although it doesn’t appear that the software is still supported, I have never had any trouble using it. At any rate, it’s free! So why not give it a shot?

6 thoughts on “VocabWorks: Free Hebrew and Greek Flashcard Program

  1. No, <>ballo<> does not mean, “I write.” However, if you look closely at the picture, you will see that <>grapho<> is listed as an option in what is a matching quiz. The correct answer for <>ballo<> would be “I throw.”


  2. It’s not at all as capable, but I’ve been starting to built a customisable multi-option vocab training program online at http://www.rowbory.co.uk/software/trymeIt only has sets of vocabulary for a number of greek courses, a Latin course and a Hebrew course, but I hope to open it up soon to public submissions of data and would appreciate comments. I enjoyed using VocabWorks myself before, but use a Mac so struggled to make the most of it. This web-based system is obviously cross-platform and requires no installation at all.


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