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1689 London Baptist Confession

A dear brother named Michael Cheng has recently developed a website for a new online version of the Baptist Confession of 1689. Here are a few words from him about it:

My goal was to create a place to read the 1689 confession that had all the features I liked, and more, including an on-page modal that displays Scripture references and a toggle for modern English to make the confession more accessible for people who struggle with the long sentence structures.

It is pretty cool that he has enabled the reader to select an “Original English” reading, a “Modern English” reading, or a “Side-by-Side” option so that one can easily choose from either reading. He has also added links for the Scripture references that, when one right clicks them, brings up a window with the text to which the Scripture reference refers together with the ESV reading of that scripture text(s). He has said that he is open to suggestions for improvement. Feel free to leave comments here so that he can see them. Thanks Michael for making this so easy to use.

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