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John MacArthurIn a recent series of blog posts, John MacArthur helpfully addressed the issue of “social justice” from the standpoint of Scripture. In the first of these posts, John stresses the importance of confronting this issue:

Evangelicalism’s newfound obsession with the notion of “social justice” is a significant shift—and I’m convinced it’s a shift that is moving many people (including some key evangelical leaders) off message, and onto a trajectory that many other movements and denominations have taken before, always with spiritually disastrous results.

Over the years, I’ve fought a number of polemical battles against ideas that threaten the gospel. This recent (and surprisingly sudden) detour in quest of “social justice” is, I believe, the most subtle and dangerous threat so far.

I highly recommend reading this series of posts here:

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As usual, our brother hits the nail on the head as he explains why it is so crucial not to succumb to the current deception of the “social gospel.” As he adds further posts in the series, I will, of course, update this post to include the new links.

See also this older article by Cameron Buettel: Frequently Abused Verses: Is the Social Gospel the Whole Gospel?

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