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Reformation City LogoToday I would like to recommend that the blog’s readers check out the new Reformation City ministry. This ministry was begun by three young people who are seeking to use their God-given gifts and talents to share the Gospel and to reform the Church. Two of them, Dan and Laura Murphy, are a part of the Immanuel Baptist Church family. Together with their good friend Dalton Wiechmann, they recently launched their website here, but you can also check out their Facebook page here and their YouTube channel here. Here is a brief description from their webpage:


Reformation City is a media ministry that exists to glorify God through bringing the light of the gospel to everyone. Our projects are designed to reach the culture and reform the church.


We produce premium gospel tracts and evangelism films that are designed to impact people of all backgrounds. Our plan is to roll out teaching podcasts, video testimonies, and more in the future.


Reformation City is made possible by your ongoing support. Help fulfill your role in the Great Commission by sharing our content via social media and by giving to our ministry via the donate page. [Link added by the author of this post.]

I am excited to help them in their ministry, and I hope you may be also. Please consider checking out the ministry and praying for them as they seek to glorify God through faithfully sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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