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May we all stop and ponder for a moment about the story of the gospel as we prepare ourselves for Christmas. I am amazed that God Almighty would sendus such a wonderful gift while we were His enemies and deserving of His wrath.


My friend, Tom Nettles, sent me this poem, which prompted me to just that—stop and reflect on the true meaning and reason for Christmas.


A Christmas Greeting

And New Year’s Wish

Tom Nettles

A Baby down from heaven came,

Hiding rebels to reclaim.

Took our flesh,

Took our sin.

Jesus was his name.

From virgin mother, humble birth

Frightening all the kings of earth;

Shepherds quaked,

Magi bowed,

Angels sang with mirth.

Untouched by sin, he lived his life

Tested sore, and pressed by strife.

Wrath he bore,

Ours the blame;

Grace through him is rife.

So now he intercedes above

Lion of strength, yet mercy’s dove.

“Come to me.”

“Trust my blood.”

And know redemptive love.

May Christmas truth protect your year,

Quiet your soul, and dry your tear.

Guilt be Gone!

Death be still!

Life can have no fear.

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