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Verse ExpositionsCharles Spurgeon’s Verse Expositions of the Bible are available for purchase in book form here (3 Volumes). However, they are also freely available online at StudyLight.org, as well as in the form a an e-Sword commentary module. Here is the description of the e-Sword module given by the folks at BibleSupport.com:

About Spurgeon’s Expositions of the Bible

Before delivering a sermon, Spurgeon read a portion of Scripture, often interrupting his readings with spontaneous verse by verse comments to expose the Scripture’s meaning and content. Many of these expositions were published at the end of his weekly sermons in The Sword and The Trowel.

However, they have never before been published as a work to themselves. Three volumes are here published under the title Spurgeon’s Expositions of the Bible containing a complete compilation of those expositions. While not every scripture of the Bible was covered in his transcribed expositions, this mammoth project has resulted in a ‘virtual’ concise Bible commentary.

At first glance, expositions of the same passage may appear repetitive, but you will find repeated expositions of the same passages to contain fresh comments each time that he read them. It is the most valuable Bible reference material made available to pastors in a generation, and its value as a family devotional is beyond measure. It is our prayer that these expositions will be blessed of God to the good of many for the glory of Christ.

Spurgeon’s passage expositions show a spontaneity of thought, and have a rhythmic presentation which his written sermons do not contain.

President James A. Garfield described them as “familiar and sensible.” They are also profound, demonstrating his burning desire and urgency to comfort God’s people in declaring the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

e-Sword Edition

The 3 volumes and 30 megabytes of content are organized by exposition (breaking the material by verse would have broken with Spurgeon’s intent). Not every passage has a comment, but many passages have more than one comment, some more than 5 comments, and a few passage have more than 10 unique comments. It’s interesting to see different perspectives Spurgeon took as he revisited passages over the years.

Book Comments show which passages have comments (since e-Sword cannot provide the user with a top level view of comments).

Although Spurgeon’s sermons are filled with Biblical content and Christian wisdom, I wouldn’t necessarily list him as a good example of expository preaching. However, many of his exegetical insights are available in this resource, which offers the comments he made when he read the texts before preaching on them. They are like a brief, running commentary and are worthwhile reading, to say the least. I highly recommend checking out this resource to discover exegetical thoughts that are not often related in Spurgeon’s actual sermons.

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