I just wanted to let our readers know about an internet radio station I have discovered called Voice in the Wilderness Radio. Here is the description from their main page:
Voice in the Wilderness Radio – 24/7 streaming audio of faithful preachers from unsuspecting places and quality original programing.Instead of downloading content on your device, just tune in to VWR and listen to some of the most powerful, faithful preachers and true voices in the wilderness, along with better-known preachers like John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Voddie Baucham and others, with a very selective array of programing like the Polemics Report, the Bible Thumping Wingnut, Red Grace Media and Generations Radio.
In addition, on their Beliefs page, they assert the following criteria governing their selection of preaching they will stream:
All broadcasters, pastors, preachers, and program hosts subscribe to:
1. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
2. The Danver’s Statement on Biblical Manhood or Womanhood
3. A Reformed Confession of Faith
In addition, the pastors or preachers highlighted on this network subscribe specifically to:
A historic confession of faith in keeping with Reformed and Baptistic beliefs, including the 1st or 2nd London Baptist Confession, the New Hampshire Baptist Confession, the Abstract of Principles, the Baptist Faith and Message (1925) or a personal confession of faith in keeping with the spirit and doctrinal standards of these confessions.
Their motto is “Faithful theology. Faithful preaching. Faithful radio.” I hope you will check out their website.

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