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Last month I recommended Grace and Truth Books as the place to purchase Dr. Belcher’s writings (here), especially if you are a reader of his well known Journey series of theological novels. Today I would direct your attention once again to their website, where you can not only purchase books from this series as well as many other books by Dr. Belcher, but you can get them at better prices than you will find anywhere else. For example, you can get Dr. Belcher’s Preaching the Gospel: A Theological Perspective and a Personal Method (which I’ve recommended in the past here), or A Discussion of the 17th Century Particular Baptist Confessions of Faith (co-written with Anthony Mattia), or A Layman’s Guide to the Sabbath Question (co-written with his son, Richard Belcher, Jr.) for just $5.00 each. They are also offering many of the Journey series books for a reduced price of $5.00 as well. Here is a list of the Journey books offered at a reduced price:

A Journey in Authority 

A Journey in Inspiration 

A Journey in God’s Glory 

A Journey in Salvation

A Journey in Purity 

A Journey in Roman Catholicism 

A Journey in Dispensationalism 

A Journey in Baptist History 

A Journey in Heresy 

A Journey in Revival 

A Journey in Faith 

A Journey in Evangelism & Missions 

A Journey in Matthew 24 

A Journey in God’s Sovereignty

Each of these Journey titles is listed at the reduced price of only $5.00, but Dennis Gundersen of Grace and Truth Books has told me that if people will phone him, referencing the Reformed Baptist Blog, he will give them an even better deal. After visiting the website, just call the store phone at 918-245-1500 to place your order. You may also want to check out the many other good prices available on the many good books on the website.

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