If you are interested in seeing a collection of the earliest manuscripts of the Greek New Testament, then you may want to check out the earlybible.com, where you can view high definition pictures of many such manuscripts. Here is part of the website’s mission statement:

Early Bible is dedicated to displaying the oldest known copies of the New Testament. We hope you find these images interesting and helpful in understanding the rich history of the Bible’s origins. Perhaps you are a scholar who has referred to these papyri for years and now you can read them first-hand. Perhaps you are a Bible student determined to see for yourself the textual variants referenced in the critical apparatus of your Greek New Testament. Or, perhaps you are someone who is just interested in seeing these ancient documents for yourself. Whatever has brought you here, we hope that this site enriches your understanding and answers any questions you have brought regarding these early copies and testaments to the faith of the early followers of Christ.

For an example, click on the picture at the right and see an old manuscript containing part of Matthew 1:1-12. Just thought some of our readers might find this interesting!

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