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Over the years Dr. Richard Belcher has written many books designed to help laymen understand Bible study and theology, and most of them now appear to be available at Grace and Truth Books. In fact, it looks like the single best place where you can find them. If you haven’t read any of the books in his Journey series, I would especially recommend them, and you can even buy them as sets for discounted prices. It is a series of what Dr. Belcher calls “theological novels,” in which he writes of the life and ministry of a fictional character, Ira Pointer, who learns about theology and its practical application as he encounters the many blessings and tribulations of ministry. The first in the series in called A Journey in Grace, and I am especially thankful for it because many years ago it helped my wife come to an understanding of the Doctrines of Grace. I have also found that the series has been helpful in teaching people who may struggle to read theology but who seem to enjoy these books because the stories keep them engaged and help them to see how important each theological issue really is and how it impacts — or should impact — people’s lives. If you haven’t read them yet, get a copy of A Journey in Grace, or perhaps the set of the first seven in the series, and give them a try.

Post Update 5/29/16

Dennis Gundersen of Grace and Truth Books sent me a message he said I could post here:

Thank you, Keith, for mentioning us. Yes, Dr. Belcher has reached the age of 82 and asked us to take over the storage and distribution of all his books. So, in addition to the 31 volumes of his “Journey” series (starting with “A Journey in Grace”, shown above) we also have his biography of A. W. Pink, his two collections of the Letters of Pink, and various books on preaching, the Sabbath, and biblical exposition. 

As Keith suggests, for anyone unfamiliar with these, the first set is a fine place to start.

Richard Belcher’s “Journey” Series – Set One (7 volumes)

The Journey Books: Complete Set of 31 volumes

I would definitely check out the website. They have a lot of good titles.

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