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Below is a sermon entitled “Biblical Reflections Before Brain Surgery.” It is a message preached by Brain Borgman, a pastor at Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada, as he anticipates undergoing brain surgery this week on Wednesday.

I highly recommend listening to the message. It contains Scriptural encouragement from a man who has walked with our Lord Jesus for a long time and who wants us to benefit from how our Lord has been shepherding him through this difficult trial. If you have been going through trials of your own, as I have been, you will find it especially helpful. I also ask the readers to pray for our brother Brian, for his family, and for his church.


One thought on “Biblical Reflections Before Brain Surgery by Brian Borgman

  1. I listened to this yesterday. It was very encouraging for many different reasons. He also admonished and gave a warning or two that were also very encouraging and had the effect of motivating me to cling more closely to our LORD. Amazingly, even now as Pastor Brian goes through this deep trial the LORD is using it to bring him glory. May the LORD continue to sustain and provide hope and peace through this deep trial for Pastor Borgman, his family, and his church family.

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