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Above is a video of an interview of Steve Camp by Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio. You may also watch it at the Apologia Radio website here, where you may read the comments from Marcus Pitman and some listeners. It is a shame that the interview went as it did, but it nevertheless highlighted some crucial issues regarding how Christians ought to think about their choice for a presidential candidate. I recommend watching the interview and then reading James White’s point of view regarding it in an article entitled My Thoughts on the Jeff Durbin/Steve Camp Interview.

I think James sums things up pretty well, but I would like to add that, so far as I can tell, Donald Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He claims to be a Christian and says that the Bible is his favorite book, but there is every reason to believe that he is lying when he makes such claims, whether intentionally — which I suspect is the case — or because he is self-deceived. This is where I think Steve Camp really misses the crucial point that Jeff Durbin was trying to make. Jeff was right to point out the lack of credibility in Trump’s claims and the fact that this should cause Christians to beware of him (despite the fact that Jeff”s Postmillennial Theonomist views are wrong in my opinion). I cannot understand how so many Christians, represented here by men like Steve Camp, can so willingly ignore the clear evidence in this regard. James White hits the nail on the head when he refers to “Steve’s disconnection of the Christian worldview from the political support of a clearly non-Christian man—who still claims to be Christian even though he is unrepentant about his adultery, fornication, etc. Further, it is clearly relevant to the analysis of Trump as a leader as to what choices he would make regarding SC justices that we look at the consistency of his viewpoints over time.”

For more information about Jeff Durbin, see here.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Durbin Interview of Steve Camp Regarding Christian Support of Donald Trump

  1. Keith, I thought you were two kingdom. I am a little confused on this post. I did not listen to the whole thing but what I heard Steve did not claim that Trump was a Christian. Who do you think we should vote for Cruz, Rubio, Carson or is Paul still in it?. Is it a sin to vote for Trump? One final thing for a presuppositional theonomist the interviewer looked like he had a lot of tattoos?! What is there some new age hipster theonomist group now?

  2. Yes,I do hold to a two kingdom view, and I think that Jeff Durbin's Postmillennial Theonomy is wrong (as I said in the post). I didn't say that Steve claimed that Trump is a Christian. The issue I was simply trying to point out was that Trump himself is claiming to be a Christian when he isn't. This means that he is lying. I agree with Steve that we are not required to vote only for Christian candidates, but I don't know why we would want to vote for or defend a guy who is pretending to be a Christian just to get our votes, counting on the fact that enough of us are gullible enough to fall for it. Surely we ought to call our fellow believers to be more discerning than that.

    1. Turns out Trump was the most pro-life president in modern history; extremely pro-Israel and did a pretty fantastic job in the Middle East. However, I doubt he is a Christian, but God can use whomever He desires to accomplish His good purposes. Praise God.

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