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Bob Gonzales offers us a reminder of the importance of thanking God in a 2011 article entitled The “Common Sense” of Thanksgiving. He begins the article thusly:

By the “common sense” of Thanksgiving, I’m not referring to the ability to make sound judgments, or to practical savvy upstairs, or to practical suggestions for cooking a turkey or decorating for the Thanksgiving holiday. Rather, I am referring to an intuitive awareness or an instinctive knowledge that is common to all men. Therefore, when I speak of “the common sense of thanksgiving,” I am referring to that intuitive sense possessed by all men of the ethical propriety of giving thanks. All men in their heart-of-hearts instinctively recognize the appropriateness of expressing gratitude to another for benefits received.

Bob then argues that thanksgiving confirms the existence of God, highlights a primary purpose for our existence, exposes our sin of ingratitude, and reveals our need for forgiveness and spiritual transformation. I highly recommend reading the article as you contemplate the importance of thanksgiving today. Perhaps you could even take a few minutes to discuss these points around the dinner table.

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