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Today I want to share a devotional word from Mike Brewer, a beloved and respected brother and member of Immanuel Baptist Church, where I am privileged to serve as the primary teaching elder. Mike has a blog where he posts devotional thoughts on the Scriptures, which come from the devotions he writes for his family. The following word is taken from his entry on 2 Chronicles 26:1-23:
“But when he [Uzziah] was strong, his heart was lifted up to (his) destruction: for he transgressed against the Lord his God …” (26:6)
Uzziah was one of the most successful kings. His reign was one of the longest, 52 years. But success is a test of your soul. It feeds your pride. You look at your accomplishments and deceive yourself that it was all your doing.
Beware of the spirit of self-congratulatory contentment. See that all that you have, your strength, your intellect, your circumstance — it is all from the Lord. Know your place — that your very next breath is a gift of God.
Love – Dad
This is certainly a wise word for all of us. If you would like to read more of Mike’s thoughts on Scripture, see His blog here. You may also be interested in an article written by Mike and his son, Matthew, entitled Biblical Ethics and Medical Perceptions Pertaining to the Home Birth Practice.

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