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“The Simple Gospel” by my friend Jon J. Cardwell is now on sale at Amazon. I would encourage you to go check it out. It is a book of essays relating to the gospel, person, and work of Jesus Christ.

“Propitiation through Faith,” “The Sign of Jonah,” “The Shroud of Turin,” and the “The Mystery of God” are a few of the many wonderful essays contained within this valuable book. I enjoyed reading them all because I enjoy learning.

As I explained in the foreword, which I happen to have been privileged to write, “The manner in which Jon describes the passion of Christ is the most vivid I think I have ever read. I felt like weeping as I read his description of the utter loneliness, emotional humiliation, and physical agony that Christ endured as He was rejected by men and crushed by God.” Any book that brings me closer to my Lord in love and devotion is book I love to recommend. The reason I am posting about this book now is that the eBook is currently only 99 cents. This is too good to pass up. If you buy this book, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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  1. I was blessed to read this book. It is an excellent look at the gospel and those other issues which we tend to not think about too much.

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