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Jeff Johnson announced earlier this morning that the new edition of The Church: Why Bother? is now
available for sale on Amazon. If you want bulk discounts, please contact Jeff. Here is what John MacArthur has said about the book:

In one way or another, virtually every troubling trend in the current world of evangelical Christianity is rooted in misunderstanding about the church. What is her proper mission? What is her role in an increasingly secular culture? What should her priorities be? How should a local church function? Why is church membership necessary? or is it? What is the basis for true unity? This excellent book shines the clear light of Scripture on those and many other questions. Since Christ loved the church enough to die for her, every believer ought to share that passion. Jeffrey Johnson clearly does, and I believe you will find his enthusiasm contagious.

I highly recommend this book. It is an excellent overview of the Bible’s teaching on the Church, and it is a great book to give to other people in your church.

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