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Many of the blog’s regular readers will remember that I have linked to a number of Shawn Mathis’ articles in the past, particularly dealing with the Family Integrated Church Movement. Shawn has offered a critique of this movement from the Presbyterian point of view, while I have responded from the Reformed Baptist perspective. I still recommend reading his articles on the subject, and I have recommended his book Uniting Church and Family as well. Some of the blog’s readers may also already be aware of the unfair firing of Shawn due to the political correctness at Examiner.com. However, I am glad to inform you all that Shawn has a new website. Here is Shawn’s own description of the site:

This website is the development of ten years of writing in cyberspace. Beginning with the old Blogger platform (as Polymathis), I graduated to writing about apologetics, news and opinion from a Christian perspective at Examiner.com…until they laid me off for writing one too many articles on gay marriage around the time of the infamous SCOTUS ruling.

Before losing my writing gig there, Examiner.com considered me a reliable news-source and Google and Bing had accepted my articles into their news-search engines. My first search-engine break was the fall of Doug Phillips; my articles garnered front page news-search. Many times my articles were featured on the front page of Examiner.com.

Having written well over 300 articles (all deleted by Examiner.com), I am slowly republishing them at this site even as I continue to write about things of Christian interest from a distinctly theological perspective.

I specialize in homeschooling news, the Christian roots of American legal rights and practical apologetics.

I am the pastor of Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church. And, naturally, what I write does not necessarily represent the views of my church, my Presbytery or my denomination and are not intended to be contrary to our received confessions.

Unfortunately, due to Examiner.com’s having scrubbed their site of all of Shawn’s past articles, some of the links to his articles here on the Reformed Baptist Blog no longer work, but I will repair the links as Shawn reposts his articles on his new website. I recommend checking out the site as he posts his old articles once again and as he continues to write new ones.

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