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The video above contains the debate between James White and Gregg Strawbridge concerning the issue of baptizing believers only versus baptizing believers and their children. Here is the YouTube description, which includes a breakdown of the segments of the video:

Are we to view our children as members of the covenant? Is baptism meant to replace circumcision in the new covenant? What about those verses in Scripture where everyone in the house was baptized? Wouldn’t that include the children? These questions and more illustrate the long standing debate over infant vs credo baptism. On March 23rd 2015 James White and Gregg Strawbridge debated it at The Orlando Grace Church in Orlando, Florida.

10:27 – Strawbridge Opening

23:23 – White Opening

35:51 – Strawbridge Rebuttal

46:18 – White Rebuttal

56:47 – Strawbridge Rebuttal

1:02:26 – White Rebuttal

1:09:37 – Strawbridge Rejoinder

1:17:00 – White Rejoinder

1:24:26 – Cross Examination – Strawbridge vs. White

1:35:00 – Cross Examination – White vs. Strawbridge

1:45:19 – Cross Examination – Strawbridge vs. White

1:55:42 – Cross Examination – White vs. Strawbridge

2:06:11 – Strawbridge Closing

2:11:37 – White Closing

2:16:50 – Audience Questions

I recommend listening to the entire debate, which is a model for the way Christians should respectfully dialog about such issues.

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