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On June 1 I informed you all of an upcoming book on apologetics by Jeff Johnson. It is entitled The Absurdity of Unbelief, and a preview of the final chapter was posted here on June 4. I am writing now, however, to inform you all that, as Jeff has contemplated the publication of the book, he has decided to print a number of review copies to send out before finalizing the text. He has basically decided to subject it to some peer review in this manner, hoping to make the book stronger and better with some helpful input, especially from within the Reformed community. If you study apologetics, or if you have a blog and would be willing to write a thoughtful review of the book, you will be sent a free prepublication review copy. He is printing only fifty copies for this purpose, so let him know soon if you wish to be a reviewer. You may contact him at freegracepress@gmail.com.

After Jeff has read your reviews and feels comfortable with the final text, he will then send you a free copy of the published book as a thank you for your help. He may or may not adopt suggested changes, but he hopes that you will give a full, fair, and honest review of the work.

Thanks in advance to all who are willing to help!

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