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As usual, Dr. White does a very good job challenging the heretical thinking and practice of one who ought to know better. In the three videos above he demonstrates how Rick warren has undermined the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his attempts to be untied with Roman Catholics. It is a sad thing that there is so little reason at this point to be surprised by Rick Warren’s whitewashing of Roman Catholicism. He has increasingly demonstrated a bent toward doing such things, and he has once again led people way from, rather than toward, the truth of the Gospel. Thank you, Dr. White, for taking the time to address this issue in truth and love.

One thought on “James White on Rick Warren’s Capitulation to Rome

  1. This post is providential. I'm currently teaching on false teachers/prophets on Wednesday evenings at my church. Last Wednesday as we were leaving a lady asked me about Rick Warren. I'll use this tonight to address her concern.

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