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Thanks to Drew Mery over at the Reformed Baptist Daily blog for drawing my attention to this interview. As Drew states:

Steven Anderson, a King James Only advocate, interviewed James White as part of a video documentary on the (supposed) corruption of non-KJV translations. The documentary only contains a very brief segment of the 2.5 hour interview that took place between them. The following video is the full interview.

In this interview Dr. White does a masterful job of interacting with a staunch advocate of the KJV-Only position. He is patient and loving as he listens to Steven, but he is uncompromising in the position he takes. As usual, he serves as a very good example of how to interact with those who are in error. If you are interested in reading Dr. White’s book on the subject, which I consider to be the best available, you can find it here.

By the way, I am not sure how I missed it up to now, but the Reformed Baptist Daily blog looks to be a very solid and helpful blog. Well done Drew!

3 thoughts on “James White Discussion With KJV-Only Advocate Steven Anderson

  1. My experience was different than James White is stating….raised on Good News Bible…when I read the KJV for the first time, I thought it would be difficult, hard words, etc. What instead I found was….beauty. Strength. Very few words that I could not ascertain from context. I would not say that the Good News is my standard because I grew up with it. It is a hard topic. But I believe that God speaks to and leads the common man. I don't need a seminary degree, but the Lord will lead and guide. Haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but so far I am identifying with Steven. God leads and guides us, even when we are ignorant about translations, He is merciful and will lead us into all truth as we seek Him.

  2. Contrary to the above writer, to me it was obvious that Mr. Anderson was a rank novice trying to pitch against the windmill that James White represents. Steven hardly listened at all, let alone actively, and without a keen interest in mutual learning, what was the point? Seemingly he’d come to prove he could take on one of the big boys, go back to his small congregation and stubbornly stick his schtick into the faces of contenders again but from a safe distance, and hope it all sails. James did an admirable job of hanging in there as long as he could. After the 3rd time Anderson was obviously not into even listening to the responses to his own questions, I’d have felt urged to assert a process statement about the vibe I felt from him, and soon have been out of there. There’s no point in debating about a winner or loser here, unless it’s about the question of regeneration in the life of the novice. We trust that the Lord will be merciful to him – as He was and is to those He’s chosen out of the world – and give him the new life that’s the ’narrow way’ they both touched upon!

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