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Thanks to Drew Mery over at the Reformed Baptist Daily blog for drawing my attention to this interview. As Drew states:

Steven Anderson, a King James Only advocate, interviewed James White as part of a video documentary on the (supposed) corruption of non-KJV translations. The documentary only contains a very brief segment of the 2.5 hour interview that took place between them. The following video is the full interview.

In this interview Dr. White does a masterful job of interacting with a staunch advocate of the KJV-Only position. He is patient and loving as he listens to Steven, but he is uncompromising in the position he takes. As usual, he serves as a very good example of how to interact with those who are in error. If you are interested in reading Dr. White’s book on the subject, which I consider to be the best available, you can find it here.

By the way, I am not sure how I missed it up to now, but the Reformed Baptist Daily blog looks to be a very solid and helpful blog. Well done Drew!

2 thoughts on “James White Discussion With KJV-Only Advocate Steven Anderson

  1. My experience was different than James White is stating….raised on Good News Bible…when I read the KJV for the first time, I thought it would be difficult, hard words, etc. What instead I found was….beauty. Strength. Very few words that I could not ascertain from context. I would not say that the Good News is my standard because I grew up with it. It is a hard topic. But I believe that God speaks to and leads the common man. I don't need a seminary degree, but the Lord will lead and guide. Haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but so far I am identifying with Steven. God leads and guides us, even when we are ignorant about translations, He is merciful and will lead us into all truth as we seek Him.

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