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In this post I thought I would list some helpful and interesting articles on the Doctrine of Two Kingdoms, or Two Kingdom Theology. This is a doctrine that I believe reflects a proper understanding of Scripture. In various forms it was held by Augustine and then later by Reformers such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, and it is a doctrine that has had a long history among Reformed churches and theologians. It is also a doctrine upon which I and my fellow-blogger Jeff Johnson agree (at least in its Reformed rendering). In fact, our commitment to a form of this doctrine is reflected in some of the articles we have written here (as will be mentioned below).
Here is a helpful introduction by Kim Riddlebarger:
Here are some helpful articles by Michael Horton:
Here are some helpful articles by Matthew Tuininga:
Jeff Johnson and I have also written several articles on this blog advocating or assuming the position of this doctrine:
Giving Uncle Sam His Due (A good, basic introduction to Two Kingdom Theology, with some important practical implications, by Jeff)
These last two articles are written by me and definitely reflect the perspective of Two Kingdom Theology. I hope you find all of these articles helpful, and I welcome contributions to the list from the blog’s readers as well.

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