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If you are still looking for a good Christmas gift, consider starting someone out on the Journey series of theological novels by Dr. Richard Belcher.

In this series Dr. Belcher has sought to combine teaching theology with the ongoing story of a man’s life, beginning with his first encounter with Calvinism in Bible college and following his career as a pastor and eventually a seminary professor. They are informed by the author’s own extensive ministry experience from many years of faithful service.

The series has helped many people to become more interested in learning sound theology. In fact, the first book in the series, A Journey in Grace, is what helped my wife to understand and embrace the Doctrines of Grace years ago.

Here is the complete list of Journey books currently available:

1–A Journey in Grace $12.95
2–A Journey in Purity $12.95
3–A Journey in Authority $12.95
4–A Journey in the Spirit $12.95
5–A Journey in Inspiration $12.95
6–A Journey in Providence $12.95
7–A Journey in Eschatology $12.95
8–A Journey in Salvation $12.95
9–A Journey in Revival $12.95
10–A Journey in Baptism $12.95
11—A Journey in Roman Catholicism $12.95
12—A Journey in God’s Glory $12.95
13—A Journey in Faith $12.95
14—A Journey in Sovereignty $12.95
15—A Journey in Evangelism and Missions $12.95
16—A Journey in Christian Heritage $12.95
17—A Journey in Heresy $12.95
18—A Journey in Dispensationalism $12.95
19—A Journey in Baptist History $12.95
20—A Journey in Matthew 24 $12.95
21—A Journey in Sanctification $12.95
22—A Journey to Eternity $12.95
23—A Journey in Predestination $12.95
24—A Journey in Practical Christianity $12.95

As you can see, they are very inexpensive. You can find about how to order the books from the Richbarry Press website.

By the way, you will also find some other very good works there, from the Ministry Helps for Greek and exegetical studies to works on theological history and various theological topics. For example, I regard Preaching the Gospel: A Theological Perspective and a Personal Method as a must read for the beginning preacher, and I have found that A Comparison of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology has been helpful in introducing and explaining the basics of these two systems of theology to others.

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