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This is a final reminder to the blog’s readers that the Christmas giveaway drawing is next month. As I announced on September 23, this year the Reformed Baptist Blog would like to thank our readers by offering an opportunity to two of the blog’s email subscribers to receive a free book for Christmas this year. Two of our readers will receive a free copy of Dr. Jeff Johnson’s upcoming book The Kingdom of God: A Baptist Expression of Biblical and Covenant Theology when it becomes available, which we hope will be this December. We will keep you posted and let you know just as soon as possible. This book promises to be perhaps the definitive work to date on Covenant Theology from a Reformed Baptist perspective. You can read more about this publication here.

On December 15 I will draw from the addresses included in the email subscriber list from FeedBurner. So, if you want to have a chance to receive one of these books, then make sure you sign up as an email subscriber to the blog using the Subscribe in a reader link on the right panel of this page. And make sure you click the “Get Reformed Baptist Blog delivered by email” option. Current email subscribers are already in the running.

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