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Earlier today Al Mohler posted a blog article entitled Can Evangelical Chaplains Serve God and Country?—The Crisis Arrives. Here is the opening of the article:

Can chaplains committed to historic biblical Christianity serve in the United States military? That question, though inconceivable to our nation’s founders, is now front and center. And the answer to that question will answer another, even more important question: Can religious liberty survive under America’s new moral order?

The repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, coupled with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, set the stage for this crisis. The full normalization of same-sex relationships within the U.S. military is part of the unprecedented moral revolution that is now reshaping American culture at virtually every level.

The crisis in the chaplaincy arrived with these developments. The presenting issue is clear: Can a chaplain committed to historic biblical Christianity remain in military service? Does the normalization of homosexuality require that all members of the military, including chaplains, join the moral revolution, even if doing so requires them to abandon their biblical convictions?

I highly recommend reading the rest of the article here. We need to pray for an open door for the Gospel in the U.S. military, and ask for God’s guidance and protection for Christians who serve, whether as Chaplains or in some other capacity.

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