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This video contains the audio of the debate between Jeff Johnson (author of The Fatal Flaw and a valued contributor to this blog) and Michael Horton concerning the Credobaptist versus the Paedobaptist view of Covenant Theology. The debate took place at the 2012 Semper Reformanda Conference at Grace Family Baptist Church.

It is a very interesting and helpful discussion between two men who hold to the idea that the Mosaic Covenant is a republication of the Covenant of Works. And I would just add here my special appreciation for Jeff, who has been more to helpful to me in properly understanding Covenant Theology than perhaps any other single person.

One thought on “Jeff Johnson and Michael Horton Debate Covenant Theology

  1. The room was packed for this discussion. The paedo-baptist view is supported by the white spaces between the words in Scripture. Everyone in attendance was convinced that Johnson “won” this debate by simply standing on the words in the Word of God. It was wonderful.

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