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As the regular readers of this blog know, I have always tried to post something at least once a week. However, as I explained in a December 14 update, this past year I have been battling recurrent bouts with diverticulitis, so I have not able to keep up with the blog as I normally would have.

Well, after nine attacks of diverticulitis in the past three years — five of which have occurred in the last 7-8 months — my doctors were able to find a window in which I was healthy enough to go through a colonoscopy followed by surgery (a laparoscopic colectomy) to remove about 12 inches of my colon. Today makes exactly one month since the surgery, and, although I am still dealing with some postoperative pain and discomfort that limits me, I am recovering well and hope to get back to regular posting again in the coming week.

I want to thank all who have prayed for me and who have been supportive of this blog. Please continue to pray that I will heal without complications and that I will have no future problems with diverticulitis. Thanks again! And may God bless you!

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