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In this two part video interview, John MacArthur discusses the way some prominent pastors claim to be Calvinistic in their view of soteriolgy but operate in their ministries as though they are actually Arminian. He correctly questions how fully committed they really are to a Scriptural Reformed theology. Whether or not you agree with every point he has to make, his criticisms and warnings are definitely worth considering. Frankly, he raises some crucial issues that have bothered the writers of this blog for some time. Let us know what you think.

One thought on “John MacArthur Predicts a Reversal of the Reformed Revival

  1. I had the opportunity to speak last year with missionary Paul Washer and he told us something very similar.
    I think If reformed theologty does not lead you to a more santified life, more sanctified family, a more sanctified church, it is not doing anything good.
    Biblical Reformation should affect the way we do everything, conforming ourselves to the Scripture.
    There are some people out there that are considering the “calvinist tendency” just another fad, and so fad-driven churches are following it.
    I allways remember what I read about the begining of Albert Martin in Trinity Church, they said he told them “we will go wherever the Scripture leads us” – That is true reformation.
    Some people like the way reformed preachers speak, but not the way reformed churches worship and then, they pick up like from a menu from the reformed and scriptural practices.

    Pastor Alexander Leon – Costa Rica

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