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Matthew Vines has been gaining quite a following with his video entitled “The Gay Debate – The Bible and Homosexuality,” in which he tries to argue that homosexuality is not actually sin according to the Bible. But James White has offered a thorough response to his arguments, and he has made the audio available for download free of charge at the Alpha & Omega Ministries website. Here is a brief description of Dr. White’s response from his website:

The complete response to Matthew Vines is now available as a single program. Yes its five hours and nine minutes long, (72meg in size), but the world needs to hear this message. We believe this so much that we have decided to make this publicly available to be distributed for free. Share it with your friends and relatives. We’ve titled it “Gay Christianity” Refuted and only ask that you not change it or sell it. All fair use rules apply for criticism too.

I strongly encourage the blog’s readers to take this opportunity to listen to Dr. White’s defense of the Scriptural view and to tell your friends about it as well. Dr. White plays and responds to the entirety of Matthew Vines’ presentation. Again, you can download the audio at the Alpha & Omega Ministries website here.

One thought on “"Gay Christianity" Refuted by James White

  1. Readers may also find this short post of help as an example of how Scripture is blatatly distorted.

    But what this debate needs most of all is Christians who clearly understand the basics and can explain, to their neighbors and friends, how the key arguement of “love” is being distorted. Christians are called to be disciples, learners, not just social media junkies.
    I would be glad to send the pdf to anyone who would care to peruse or review Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies.

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