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Once again I find myself in agreement with John MacArthur. In fact, I also see it as a real problem today that so many professing Christians are willing to substitute listening to or watching videos of sermons for actually assembling together with other believers to personally hear the word preached. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “John MacArthur Adresses the Issue of Multisite Churches

  1. I totally disagree with John MacArthur. I know every model is not the same, but of the multi-site churches I am aware of, the “site” has it's own full set of elders whose responsibility it is for the care and shepherding of its' members.

    I am not sure of John MacArthur's position on his authority alongside his fellow elders, but where there is an equal authority amongst all elders, then it the dangers he is speaking of are fully diminished.

    MacArthur is the pastor of a church with 7000 attenders. It's just as impossible for him to oversee the needs of any individual congregant as he would be if his sermons were telecasted off site. He relies on his fellow elders to fulfill those needs. Just as is done off site in a satellite church.

    If John MacArthur were to be honest with himself, and consistent with his views, he would need to divide his church into a more manageable size before he criticizes others for having the same effective situation except without a small little figure standing on a stage at the far end of a 7000 seat auditorium.

  2. Jason,

    I think you raise some very good points, and I agree with much of what you have said. In fact, have always been torn and somewhat uncomfortable with the existence of “mega-churches” in the first place for the very reasons you mention. I am torn because I know that there was at least one “mega-church” in Scripture (if the 3,000 plus member church at Jerusalem may be counted as such) that is not presented in a negative light for having been so large, yet I see the problems you have mentioned and wonder if having churches this size is best in most situations.

    Anyway, I wonder if you actually “totally disagree” with MacArthur or if you think he is right but inconsistent?

    Thanks for the thoughtful input!

  3. There are no rules for the size of a church. However, spiritual leaders need to know their limitations and make sure they have sufficient means to lead well. No matter how big a church becomes people have the same sins.

    One problem is the celebrity status that mega church leaders receive. It may not be such a good idea for a church of thousands to be so focused on such a narrow selection of christian celebrity leaders. However that is just a warning to be on guard, not to make assumptions about them.


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