If you want to read many Puritan authors, there is a free online Puritan Library that contains a large selection of Puritan writings, along with links to sites devoted to Puritan authors and writings.

The list of authors includes:

Richard Sibbes, John Owen, Thomas Watson, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, Stephen Charnock, Thomas Goodwin, Thomas Shepard, William Guthrie, John Robinson, Thomas Manton, Thomas Case, William Bridge, John Ball, John Howe, Richard Baxter, Hugh Binning, Thomas Gouge, Joseph Alleine, William Bates, John Colquhoun, David Clarkson, Richard Steele, John Cotton, Anthony Burgess, Ebenezer Erskine, Jeremiah Burroughs, William Gurnall, Matthew Henry, Thomas Adams, Matthew Mead, Philip Doddridge, Isaac Ambrose, Benjamin Brook, William Perkins, Herman Witsius, Walter Marshall, Henry Bullinger, Edward Reynolds, Ezekiel Hopkins, James Ussher, and Daniel Neal.

Check it out!

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