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I was struck – in a good way – by this interview with Paul Washer. I really appreciate what he had to say and the sincerity with which I believe he said it.

He talks about the danger of idolizing any preacher, including himself, and he talks about his own shortcomings, including a recurrent struggle with depression. Concerning his battle with depression, he also briefly talks about the help he has received from Jay Adams.

As someone who has struggled with depression in my own live (as outlined here), I am especially appreciative of his remarks.

2 thoughts on “Paul Washer on the Need to Stop Worshiping Preachers

  1. Keith,

    I can see how this would be important to you. I hope it will be helpful to all pastors who watch it; it spoke to my heart as well. Paul Washer's humility is obvious and obviously sincere. Preacher worship is one of the clear and present dangerous practices the church is guilty of today. In fact, “celebrity pastors” have drawn many away from the fellowship of the local church.

  2. I was taken aback that this video was made five years ago. I attended the Irresistible Cry! conference in Wheaton this week where Paul answered this very concern in the panel Q&A! Someone from the audience asked him specifically what advice he had for people who idolized him. He hesitated in his humble and thoughtful way and simply replied, “It is idolatry. Stop it now,” and passed the microphone back. Amazing. 🙂

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