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As the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, which has been the only Reformed Baptist church in our part of central Illinois, I was very excited (to say the least) to discover that a new Reformed Baptist church has been planted in Germantown Hills (just east of Peoria), which is only about 40 minutes away.

This new church is called Christ Bible Church, and the pastor is Kerry Miller. Here is a description of the church from the website:

Christ Bible Church was founded on June 2, 2008 as an organized church of Jesus Christ in the State of Illinois, city of Germantown Hills.

On May 18, 2008 Pastor Kerry and about 17 members and regular attendees of a local church he pastored, broke fellowship with them when it became obvious the church rejected the Word of God as plainly taught by Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the reformers, choosing rather to hold to their traditions.

With much Joy in the Lord and in answer to prayer we met later that evening and by God’s grace, began to lay the foundations for Christ Bible Church.

Currently, (October 2009) we are approximately 17 in number and growing. We are looking for a new location to worship and hope to be in a new location by the beginning of 2010.

Christ Bible Church in an Independent REFORMED Baptist Church which affirms and proclaims the doctrines of Grace and the 5 Solas of the Reformation.

We are unashamedly Calvinist in our Theology and believe the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith best articulates the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Our musical worship is a mix of traditional and contemporary and our preaching is expositional through books of the Bible, one book at a time for both Sunday School and Morning worship.

Our weekday evening worship service is either teaching through a book of the Bible or other teaching series. Currently, we are learning the overview of the Bible through RC Sproul’s DVD Series “Dust to Glory.” This will be followed by RC’s teaching of Reformed Systematic Theology through his “Foundations” DVD Series.

Our atmosphere is informal and relaxed and we hold to the regulative principle of worship.

We stand against the Biblical errors of:


Purpose drive life

Seeker sensitive church growth

Prosperity gospel

Emergent Church

If you are looking for a strong, Bible-believing church in the Peoria area, a church that is faithful to the Gospel, check out Christ Bible Church!

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