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As the regular readers of this blog already know, Dr. Belcher has recently contributed a series of four articles concerning the heresy of Charles G. Finney. But I wanted to remind the blog’s readers that Dr. Belcher has also recently finished his latest book in the Journey series of theological novels, A Journey in Heresy, and I am looking forward to reading it. He tells me that the heretical character at the center of the book is actually based upon Charles Finney, so I am anxious to see the way that Dr. Belcher shows the dangers inherent in this aberrant theology in the churches today and how the main character of the book deals with it Biblically. Here is the description from Richbarry Press:

What is one supposed to do when he teaches in a Christian seminary, which is about to be invaded by clear and undeniable heresy? Yet, the one who is bearing the heresy is a powerful preacher and personality, who most all think is sound in doctrine, because he is a great evangelist, who can get so many “decisions” for Christ! This is the dilemma of Ira and Dink, as they try to open the eyes of others to the danger of this man and his doctrine. Dink even faces a group of the board of trustees of the seminary, who are meeting behind the scenes, to seek to fire Dink from his position at the school, so they can hire this man, who seems to be so sound in doctrine but is not.Follow Ira and Dink, as they face this new challenge of seeking to alert others of false doctrine, when the Christians of the day, and even the preachers around them, seem more concerned and enlightened about getting decisions and numbers and large crowds, than they are about truth and doctrine.

I have appreciated Dr. Belcher’s love for the Church over the years and his desire to help believers grapple with serious theological issues in an accessible way. The Journey series of “theological novels” have provided great help to many Christians in this regard, and I heartily recommend them.

Also, in celebration of Dr. Belcher’s joining the Reformed Baptist Blog and as an encouragement to read his books, I am going to offer a free copy of two of the Journey books for Christmas this year to one of the blog’s email subscribers. They will include the recent book, A Journey in Heresy, and the first book in the Journey series, A Journey in Grace. If you already have the first book, then I will allow the substitution of another from the series. On December 11 I will draw from the addresses included in the email subscriber list from FeedBurner. So, if you want to have a chance to receive these books, then make sure you sign up as an email subscriber to the blog using the Subscribe in a reader link on the right panel of this page. And make sure you click the “Get Reformed Baptist Blog delivered by email” option. Current email subscribers are already in the running.

I suspect that once you have read a couple of the books, you will want to read more of them and will recommend them to others as well. As a pastor, I have found that folks have really been helped by them and have found them enjoyable reading as well.

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