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Many of the blog’s readers will already be familiar with Dr. Belcher (pictured at left with his beloved wife, Mary Anne), especially since I have written at least five articles in the past about him and his books. Some of the blog’s readers may also know that I have prayed that the Lord will provide another contributor to this blog.

Well, I am happy to announce that Dr. Belcher, one of my professors in Bible college, and definitely the most formative influence on my own ministry as a pastor and preacher of the Word, has graciously agreed to contribute to the blog. I can’t tell you all how excited I am to have any input he is able to offer! I also hope it will be a good way for him to let us all know about the books he is writing and his ministry at Covenant Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina, as well as his passion for ministry to India as the head of Evangelizing India for Christ. He has faithfully preached the Word for over fifty years and has taught at Columbia Bible College for almost thirty years.

Dr. Belcher has also just finished his latest book in the Journey series of theological novels, A Journey in Heresy, and I am looking forward to reading it. Here is the description from Richbarry Press:

What is one supposed to do when he teaches in a Christian seminary, which is about to be invaded by clear and undeniable heresy? Yet, the one who is bearing the heresy is a powerful preacher and personality, who most all think is sound in doctrine, because he is a great evangelist, who can get so many “decisions” for Christ! This is the dilemma of Ira and Dink, as they try to open the eyes of others to the danger of this man and his doctrine. Dink even faces a group of the board of trustees of the seminary, who are meeting behind the scenes, to seek to fire Dink from his position at the school, so they can hire this man, who seems to be so sound in doctrine but is not.

Follow Ira and Dink, as they face this new challenge of seeking to alert others of false doctrine, when the Christians of the day, and even the preachers around them, seem more concerned and enlightened about getting decisions and numbers and large crowds, than they are about truth and doctrine.

Along the same lines, Dr. Belcher’s first post to the blog, Lord willing, will be a brief article on the theology of Charles Finney, a man whose influence on modern evangelicals has been far too great and whose heretical views have been far too long hidden from them.

For more information about Dr. Belcher, visit the profile at his church’s web page here.

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