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I have long been impressed by John MacArthur’s courage and care in taking a stand on important issues confronting the Church. And I continue to be impressed and encouraged by his recent willingness to address the concerns many of us have with respect to the obscene language that is being used all too often in pulpits these days. In this case, John was prompted to address a particular example of this problem, which is a sermon that Mark Driscoll preached on the Song of Solomon.
The audio of the sermon may be found here, but a transcript of selected problem portions of the sermon may be found here. (Warning: There is sexually explicit language in both the audio and the transcript linked here.)
John has addressed his concerns this week in a four part series of blog articles entitled “The Rape of Solomon’s Song,” which were posted at the Grace to You website. Here are the links to each of the four parts:
Part One (Posted Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009)
Part Two (Posted Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009)
Part Three (Posted Thursday, Apr 16, 2009)
Part Four (Posted Friday, Apr 17, 2009)
This is an issue and a series that I think it important for this blog’s readers to be aware of. For more information addressing the Biblical response to such matters, see also my earlier post providing the videos of Phil Johnson’s message entitled “Sound Doctrine; Sound Words.”

2 thoughts on “John MacArthur on the "Rape of Solomon’s Song"

  1. While I have my reservations about some of Driscoll's content in preaching, Macarthur's style and attitude concerns me more. He just lacks grace in speech. Driscoll has modified his behaviour of late, but I have barely witnessed a drop of humility in Macarthur. Maybe others have seen it – tell me if you have. But Macarthur worries me more than Driscoll.

  2. I haven't discerned this “lack of grace” or lack of humility that you refer to, and I would be careful about making such judgments. I think John MacArthur does show humility before God and His Word regularly through His faithful preaching and his willingness to take a stand for truth even when it leads others to attack him.

    I do know, however, that John can be very direct in stating the truth in his sermons and in interviews, but then Mark Driscoll can too. It is one of the things I like about both of them.

    However, of the two, I think John has the better track record in the faithful preaching of Scripture. And I don't think he has lacked humility in confronting Mark about his errors in this regard, even if he has been a bit strong in doing so.

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