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Sanctity of Life Sunday was actually last Sunday, but, since I somehow forgot about it last week, I will focus on the issue this week instead. I was reminded by a Justin Taylor post at the Between Two Worlds blog. The post was entitled The Case for Life, Around the Web, in which Justin does a good job of gathering together some, excellent pro-life material:

John Piper, Lincoln’s Logic on Slavery Applied to Abortion

R.C. Sproul, Video series on abortion (streamed on the web for free)

Robert P. George, Our Struggle for the Soul of Our Nation

Ed Whelan, Senate Testimony on Roe v. Wade (2005)

Michael New, The Case for Pro-Life Optimism

Star Parker and Gary Bauer, A Dream Unfulfilled: Roe v. Wade has Played a Big Role in the Devastation of the African-American Community.

You may also want to check out these two later posts:

Abortion and the Early Church

Abortion and Obama’s First Few Days

May God bring an awakening to this country that will bring with it the will to end abortion!

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