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The latest update to e-Sword (v7.9.4) was made available just a few days ago, on January 19. I apologize to the blog’s readers for my tardiness in posting the information here.

For those who already use e-Sword and may be interested, here is a list of recent updates taken from the e-Sword website Downloads page (Click on ‘View Update Changes’ in order to see a list of these and all previous version changes):

e-Sword version 7.9 changes from 7.8
User files are now stored under the Windows user’s “Personal Folder” directory on 2000, XP, and Vista. Due to Windows permissions issues this change was necessary. This also makes backing-up user files easier as these files are isolated to this
This version has a new Sermon Illustrations feature.
Stronger Strong’s implementation throughout the program. Popup ToolTips now in commentaries, dictionaries, notes, etc.
Alternate dictionaries keyed to Strong’s numbers can be selected for display in popup ToolTips. Select “Options, Strong’s # ToolTip…” from the e-Sword menu. All dictionary modules tied to Strong’s numbers have been updated to accommodate
this new feature.
Multiple monitors fully supported.
Antialiasing algorithm available in Graphics Viewer. This provides a clearer display image when shrinking under 100%. Select “Options, Antialiasing” from the Graphics
Viewer menu to toggle use.
Fixed some Vista display issues.

Some of you may recall my earlier post about e-Sword, that included a link to a nice review. If you have yet tried this terrific – free – Bible study software program, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Joe,I think this refers to the additions of ToolTips throughout other portions of the program (such as Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Devotions)that are keyed to Strong’s numbers.God bless you, brother.Keith

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