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Recently I received a notice from my Republican Congressman, Tim Johnson, reminding me that it is time to again sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry. Here is the message I received from Congressman Johnson:

An Important Message form Congressman Johnson..

Remember those annoying telemarketing calls? It never failed. Just as we were sitting down to dinner or beginning an important discussion, the phone would ring. Congress took action by passing legislation to eliminate those unwanted telemarketing calls by establishing the National Do Not Call Registry. Telephone numbers voluntarily registered are off limits to unwanted telemarketing calls for 5 years. For many numbers, the five year period is expiring shortly. I am co-sponsoring legislation House Resolution 3541 to automatically extend the no call
period for five more years. However, the legislation is facing stiff resistance from special interest groups. That is why, I am asking you to take a few moments and follow these simple steps to renew your registration.

To Register with the National Do Not Call List

Simply follow these steps:

From you computer

1) access http://www.donotcall.gov/
2) move the cursor to Register Now and click
3) type in your number and area code
4) type in your email address and confirm
5) click on Submit
6) verify your information, then click on Register
7) when you receive your email response from the registry, simply open and click on link

From you telephone

1) call the toll free number 1-888-382-1222
2) select desired language
3) press #1
4) enter phone number (you must call from the number you are registering)
5) press #1

I was registered the first time around and was so pleased not to be getting all those sales calls. I jumped at the chance to register again, and I would encourage the blog’s readers to do so as well… unless you like to be interrupted by telemarketing calls all the time! Just thought you all might want to get in on a good thing.

2 thoughts on “National Do Not Call List Registration Renewal

  1. This from the Registry web site:“Your registration will not expire. The Federal Trade Commission will not drop any telephone numbers from the National Do Not Call Registry based on a five-year expiration period pending final Congressional or agency action on whether to make registration permanent.”

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