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Those at Immanuel Baptist Church could tell you that I have been preaching consistently for many years that we need the Gospel every day. In fact, some of them may even be tired of hearing me say it.

The Gospel is not something that we outgrow our need for as we move on to the “deeper” issues of the faith. In fact, I would say that growth in the Christian faith means spending the rest of our lives understanding just what the Gospel really means for us. Besides, we certainly need to remember our need for God’s grace through Jesus Christ every single day! And this means that we need the Gospel every day.

Anyway, I was very encouraged to find this video of John Piper at called “The Gospel in Six Minutes,” in which he says essentially the same thing… only better than I could say it! I just wish even more pastors would get ahold of this basic idea because, if our people really do need the Gospel every day, then we need to make sure we keep telling them that.

2 thoughts on “We Need the Gospel Every Day

  1. I definetley agree that the gospel needs to be preached…I was curious about a few things and what you thought about them in regards to this. I am a layman Reformed Baptist (new member) and have been hearing about the Redemptive-Historical approach to interpreting the Scriptures. In regards to Christ being the subject of the Word of God, is it right to preach a sermon, say, on Romans Chapter 12, and the bulk of that sermon be on the “imperatives”? I am really curious about this, and a little confused I admit. Can we preach application? It seems, from what I have read so far, that many Reformed preachers (paedo baptists) do not give out very much application on the Lord’s Day sermon? Sorry for the long winded comment… I guess it’s more of a question for you if you could shed light…

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