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After almost two months running this poll, well over half of those responding thus far (59%) do not think strict adherence to the Baptist Confession of 1689 is necessary to being a Reformed Baptist. Here is the breakdown thus far (found at the bottom of the page):

15% thought that one only had to be a Baptist who held to Calvinistic soteriology.

35% thought that one must be a Baptist who holds to Calvinism and Covenant Theology.

41% thought that one must be a Baptist who holds to the 1689 Confession.

7% thought that one must hold to the 1689 Confession for the most part, but thought that this should not have to include adherence to the Sabbath requirement.

The sample from which this is taken is still pretty small at this point, but I hope that there will be many other respondents to the poll over the coming year. There are 312 days left to vote, so if you haven’t responded yet, scroll down to the bottom of the page and weigh in.

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