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What is a “Baptizoblogodebate”? Well, that is the title that Justin Taylor has given to the informal “credobaptism-paedobaptism-membership-Lord’s Supper debate” that has been taking place on the internet. It focuses primarily upon the recent discussion begun on the internet regarding the matter of baptism and church membership. This discussion began when John Piper responded to the changes Wayne Grudem has made in his most recent edition of his Systematic Theology, and then was followed by a posted letter from Grudem in response to Piper. I posted about this exchange back on August 9.

However, in a recent article at the “Between Two Worlds” blog, Justin Taylor has done a good job of bringing together the various contributions to the discussion made by other scholars and leaders, including Mark Dever of 9 Marks, Abraham Piper (John’s son), Sam Storms, and Ligon Duncan.

I am grateful to Justin for helpfully putting this information together in one place and encourage those interested in this continuing discussion to read his August 21 blog entry entitled “Baptizoblogodebate Roundup (with Breaking News)“.

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