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The Reformed Baptist’s Disk website offers an easy way to download an ISO image in order to create your own CD containing all of the freeware offered at the site. The freeware includes, for example:
1) The First London Baptist Confession of Faith (2nd Edition,1646) including An Appendix to A Confession of Faith, written by Benjamin Cox.
2) The BCF Assistant, with the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1677/89. Here is the description of the BCF Assistant:

The BCF Assistant has several extended features to those found in the BCFHelp, program. Some of these
additional features include:

– Original 1677 Confession text.
– The opening letter to “the
Judicious and Impartial Reader” from the 1677 text.
– The Appendix to the
1677 text in which the authors defend their Baptistic Principles and
– Chapter Outlines taken from Samuel E. Waldron’s book, A
Modern Exposition of the 1689 – Baptist Confession of Faith, (Evangelical Press,
– A section on the Doctrine and Theology of the Confession (various
authors included Pastors Sam Waldron and Greg Nichols, Grand Rapids, MI, USA).
– A section outlining some of the Historical Background of the Confession
and how it came to be, including some biographical information on some of those
who were signatories to the Confession in 1689. This section principally comes
from Dr James Renihan (Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies, Escondido, CA,

The opening address to the reader and the appendix are of particular
interest because these are not commonly published in book form along with the

3) The Children’s “Prove It” Catechism: An Introduction to The Shorter Catechism: A Modest Revision for Baptists Today. This is a handy little tool that helps children to learn the catechism, along with the Scripture proofs.

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