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Mid-America Reformed Seminary has released a Doctrinal Testimony Regarding Recent Errors, a document in which the Board of Trustees and faculty declare that they “humbly but resolutely stand against the theological errors now current, propagated by certain teachings of what has become known as the Federal Vision, by certain teachings of what has become known as the New Perspective on Paul, and by certain teachings of other individuals and theological movements” (p.6).

The document includes discussion of errors with regard to the covenant of works, the covenant of grace, law and gospel, merit, baptism and church membership, paedocommunion, justification by faith, and assurance of salvation and perseverance of the saints.

As a Reformed Baptist, I of course cannot agree with every position espoused in the document. For example, I think it is inconsistent of them to adhere to paedobaptism and yet to deny paedocommunion, without seeing that the arguments they employ against paedocommunion are essentially the same at key points as those they condemn in Baptists with regard to paedobaptism. However, I am glad to see that on more essential points the folks at Mid-America are standing firm against the egregious errors of Federal Vision theology and the New Perspective on Paul.

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