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Next to BibleWorks, which I would not do without, I have been using e-Sword since 2001 as my primary Bible study software. Although it is free, it is better than most commercial Bible study programs. I currently use it every day for Bible study on my pc, laptop, and iPAQ. It has become an indispensable tool. There is also a wealth of third party tools and modules available for e-Sword, including many classic and contemporary Reformed resources. For those of you who may not yet have heard of e-Sword, I recommend reading the review by Holger Szesnat at the Bible Software Review website. Here is Szesnat’s conclusion regarding e-Sword:

In my view, e-Sword is a highly useful tool for the study of the Biblical texts; I would currently rate it as the best free Bible software available for Windows OS. From the perspective of the teacher of Biblical Studies, the ease of installation and use, coupled with the programme’s ability to show up to four Bible versions in parallel display, makes it a very useful tool for exegesis – that is why I try to introduce all my new entry-level students to it. After all, there are a number of inexpensive commercial programmes which are not as useful as e-Sword, so one must congratulate the author of the programme on his efforts.

I agree that e-sword is the “best free Bible software” and highly recommend it especially for its user-friendly appeal.
For those interested in many Reformed resources for e-Sword, check out my website. I am currently trying to complete all of John Piper’s sermons by topic.

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