There are numerous online sources for sermon illustrations or illustration ideas, but I thought I would tell my fellow elders or Bible teachers out there about a couple of my favorites.

First is the user-friendly, easy to search and navigate Sermon Illustrations section at This is just one of the helpful features that makes one of the sites I frequent most when doing personal Bible Study or when preparing to teach.

Second is SID, the free Sermon & Illustration Database. Once you have downloaded the free software, you can then go to the David Holwick’s Kerux Illustration and Sermon Database site to download some sermon/illustration sets. The database sets are updated periodically so that the list just keeps growing.

David Holwick has also provided a list of Questionable Sermon Illustrations, what he calls “illustrations that are too good to be true.”

If you are like me and need a good source of input for sermon illustration ideas, I highly recommend these resources.

3 thoughts on “Online Sources for Sermon Illustrations

  1. Hi there. I’ve been trying to download SID from the authors website but the link seems to be dead. An e-mail stayed unanswered.I would really like to have the program. Would you be so kind to sent it to me by e-mail? My adress is afvaldoosje@gmail.comThanks in advance and God bless you! Sean.


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